About Me

Hi! I’m Mike Ross, an avid sports enthusiast and recreational athlete behind this blog. I created it to share my adventures in fitness along with musings on other topics I care about.

I grew up playing team sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball. Now as an adult, I enjoy training for marathons, cycling, climbing and more to stay active and push my limits. But you’ll still find me playing pick-up games with friends on the weekends!

On this blog, you’ll find race recaps, gear reviews, workout tips, sports commentary, and lifestyle articles on nutrition, motivation, and balancing it all. While I may not be a pro, I believe physical activity is so important for health and happiness.

My mission is to inspire others to get moving and realize you don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy sports. I want to showcase that an active lifestyle can be fun, accessible, and hugely rewarding.

Thanks for joining me! I appreciate the support and motivation from readers like you.