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About blog

Our drug review portal is probably the oldest of the existing services of this kind, but this is exactly the case when old doesn’t mean obsolete but efficient and good. Our efficiency rests on our experience and professional staff of our project.

Here you will find reviews of various resources, which sell pharmaceutical preparations and medical equipment, as well as accessories and aids for physically challenged persons (including wheelchairs, crutches etc.) We also have our own drug store, however we nevertheless cannot be considered as biased, for we are selling products of one brand only, specialized in all kinds of goods for palliative treatment, and do not pretend to be one of the universal vendor, which are the main focus of our reviews.

Another specialization of our service are the drugs for treatment of impotence and similar men’s problems, here we have a quite profound and detail analysis of the whole market, including the market of generics and new or generally unknown preparations, which can be a good choice to reduce the price of a treatment course.

In order to start using our service you have to register, indicating your e-mail, phone number and mailing address, at that the services are provided free of charge, however all kinds of donations are most welcome.

Along with that we are always glad to welcome new members of our team, so if you are a doctor, a medical scientist or have any practical experience of working in this sphere, please visit our vacancies tab and check if you are interested in one of our job offers that we update every week.

In case you experience any difficulties using our service or finding the necessary info, please, use the link below to contact our customer’s service department, where you can file you questions or claim of any kind. Welcome and enjoy.